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kor group is a design firm located in the Fort Point Channel district of Boston. Originally founded in 1993 by three young and ambitious women, their combined expertise in branding, logo design, print based collaterals and web development has earned them a reputable recognition in the design community of Boston.

kor’s primary focus is print, but they need a new website to best represent their work. I was tasked to revamp their old website that was built in Expression Engine. My recommendation was to utilize WordPress and hosted on WPEngine. We used Bootstrap 4 to build out the CSS framework, Timber for the HTML templating engine based on Twig, and latest version of jQuery.

Several design iterations were implemented prior to development. How many rounds is unclear, but it started before my time at kor. However, once a design decision was made, project's development phase took off. It took a total of three months to complete. Database from the old site wasn't a concern because the content was old, thus more time was given to engineering the new site.

  • Development tool: WordPress
  • Design: Designed by kor group
  • Hosting Provider: WPEngine
  • Project lifecycle: 3 months
  • Website link: kor group

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