James Lau

Boston Financial Data Services - JPMorgan Website

One of two major clients that was handled by Boston Financial Data Services web development division. My job as the front-end developer was to work closely with the designers in creating prototype UI elements and pages for different user scenarios within ROTH accounts.

A lot of the work was done using pure HTML, CSS, JavaScript (mostly jQuery). A lot of the technology predates the use of our current modern front-end framework tools (React, Angular, Vue).

  • Development tool: Internal Boston Financial Data Services web environments
  • Design: UI Elements by in-house designer at Boston Financial Data Services
  • Hosting Provider: DST Servers
  • Project lifecycle: 9+ months
  • Website link: Internal project

Boston Financial - JPMorgan Device Set

Boston Financial - JPMorgan Account Summary

Boston Financial - JPMorgan Funds Summary

Boston Financial - JPMorgan Sell Funds Page

Boston Financial - JPMorgan Gain/Loss Estimates Page

Boston Financial - JPMorgan Cost Basis Activity

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